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Standing By and Making Do Inside Box 1663 Tales of Los Alamos

Women in wartime Los Alamos served a unique role, helping to build the world's first atomic bomb or supporting scientists and engineers on the project. The Los Alamos Historical Society is proud to present these three new editions of some of our classic books: Standing By and Making Do: The Women of Wartime Los Alamos; Inside Box 1663; and Tales of Los Alamos: Life on the Mesa 1943-1945.

In 1943, families of scientists and service personnel began moving to the remote and heavily guarded town of Los Alamos, New Mexico, site of the Project Y component of the Manhattan Project. Standing By and Making Do is the story of those people who stood by and supported the scientists as they worked to create an atomic bomb that would end World War II. It is a story of hardships and stress, but it is also the story of a determined community and esprit de corps, told by nine of the women who helped to shape it. $15. Available here through our secure online shopping cart.

Inside Box 1663 is the story of two amazing years when the Jette family "disappeared" into a world of secrecy, isolation, and intense work that produced the world's first atomic bombs. This is a reprint of one of the Los Alamos Historical Society's most popular books. Jette's sense of humor shines through the muddy streets and the war itself in this highly readable story. $22. Available through our secure online shopping cart by clicking here.

The atomic age began long before the first atomic bomb brought an end to World War II for the scientists and their families who disappeared into the mountains of New Mexico to build it. In Tales of Los Alamos, Bernice Brode, wife of a Manhattan Project physicist, gives a light-hearted, first-hand account of everyday life in the strange and secret community of Los Alamos. $15. Also available in our online shopping cart.

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